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In his proto-memoir Innocent, world-renowned actor Gérard Depardieu reflects on his life as if from afar, like a bird surveying a wide horizon, presenting fervent observations on friendship, cinema, religion, politics, and more.

From his early days in the theater and his friendships with Jean Gabin and others to his rise in the cinema, this light, vibrant, but searching book offers us an intimate entry into the thinking process of one of cinema’s most mercurial and impassioned actors. Depardieu also touches upon controversial topics such as his relationship with Putin and issues that have led to skirmishes with the press and public.

At bottom, Innocent is less a memoir and more the account of a man in search of faith, the faith that is of an innocent mystic, and includes passages about Depardieu’s explorations of Islam, Buddhism, and other religions.

Espousing a notion of innocence that calls us to move beyond dogma and ideology, Depardieu urges us to engage with others with respect, receptivity, and mindfulness. In these combative and divisive times, we believe this is a vital if not necessary book, one that could continue and extend dialogues about questions of faith, politics, and religion.


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