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A literature of incommensurabilities, of dynamism; a rejection of absolute truths, an embracing of dissonance and estrangement. A literature in vigorous pursuit of language's limits, fissures, cul-de-sacs and cracks...

RAINER J. HANSHE is a writer and the founder of Contra Mundum Press and Hyperion: On the Future

of Aesthetics. He is the author of two novels, 

The Acolytes and The Abdication, and Shattering

the Muses, a hybrid Marsyan work made in collaboration with Federico Gori, a phantomatic encounter between Nietzsche and Van Gogh, Closing Melodies, and Dionysos Speed.


Some of Hanshe's translations include Charles Baudelaire’s My Heart Laid BareBelgium Stripped Bare, and Paris Spleen and Artaud's Journey to Mexico. He is also the editor of Richard Foreman’s Plays with Films and Wordsworth’s Fragments. Material of his has appeared in Caesura, SALT, Black Sun Lit, Sinn und Form,, Asymptote, & elsewhere.

Current stuff in the hearth includes The Accumulating Wreckage, the hybrid novel Humanimality, and Axis Mundi, Axis Fasci: Burn, Poet, Burn.​

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