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... books which have some kind of

explosive power, books which lead

to transformations or mutations,

books of dissonance & contagion


Rainer J. Hanshe is one of today's most original and thought-provoking writers...

                                      Keith Ansell-Pearson


A powerful novel that reverberates in the inner spaces of the self.


— Walter H. Sokel

The Abdication is a visionary novel of dangerous ideas, a theological thriller concerned with the absence of god and the question posed by the phrase: Dionysus versus the Crucified.

Stuart Kendall


Hanshe's style is original, hard, ironic, but at the same time classic and stately, shrewd & never banal, indeed full of slang and polyglot explosions.

Alessio Riva, Corso Italia

Hanshe’s phantasmagoric and cunning prose eviscerates accreted mytholo-gies while revealing the tragedy atten-dant on the death and births of gods. Its controversial premises will enrage and provoke many, but the quality and elegance of the writing will amaze all.

Nicholas Birns, Theory After Theory

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